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Beckmann Converting is one of the world’s leaders in the application of bonding technologies to convert technologically advanced materials in roll goods form into laminates in roll goods form. The conversion allows the expansion of the useful application of these high technology materials into high performing new products, new uses and entirely new fields.

Ultrasonic bonding and the use of gravure application of hot melt adhesives are the focus technologies at Beckmann Converting. Both of these technologies allow precision bonding, so the bonded area is only a limited window of the overall area of the materials being laminated and the degree of bonding allows control over some of the performance characteristics of the final laminate. The mastery of these technologies and the ability to successfully help customers is the reason businesses come from all over the world to use Beckmann Converting’s skill base.

Beckmann Converting is a toll laminator/converter, meaning that Beckmann Converting does not produce laminates for its own use. Instead, the business exists entirely to produce laminates for customers using the materials they supply and laminated to meet the customer’s specifications and special needs in terms of packaging and testing.

Quality is the way of life at Beckmann Converting. We are constantly testing, measuring, and evaluating what we are laminating to meet the customer’s specification. We offer a fully equipped and staffed Quality Assurance laboratory and we are always open to testing requirements and equipment developed by the customer.

Beckmann Converting, Inc. was formed by the purchase of Gem Urethane Corporation from Fab Industries in 2006. Klaus Beckmann is the President. Klaus served as CEO and General Manager of Gem Urethane for over 30 years. Klaus has extensive experience and expertise in the processing of non-wovens, fabrics, films and membranes through lamination, coating and most other secondary processes. In a recent interview, Mr. Beckmann said:

“I am always proud that we can use our technology, our expertise and our resources to satisfy our customers directly by providing them with laminates that meet their needs. Our path toward continuing our growth in the market for precision and high performance laminates is to continuously expand our capabilities and our knowledge of the processes and materials.”

Beckmann Converting also produces and markets the Sandel line of non-flammable fire barrier fabrics (http://www.sandelinternational.com/ ). The products are different variations in woven fiberglass that has been coated with a water-based urethane formulation to meet specific needs.

If you require additional information on any topic or if you have specific questions, please send us an email at solution@beckmannconverting.com

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