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Beckmann Converting, Inc. is a world leader in the application of bonding technologies to convert continuous wide web, roll-to-roll, technical textiles into multi-layer composites with the use of Ultrasonic and Gravure Hot Melt Adhesive bonding technologies. Our multi-layer capabilities allow for the bonding of materials into high-performing new products and new uses that were often considered to have been previously impossible.

We do bonding services on a “toll” or contract basis, meaning that Beckmann Converting does not produce and offer its own composites to the market. Instead, we specialize in helping customers advance their products by creating laminates out of individual layers of customer-owned materials. All of our laminates are created to meet all of the requirements and specifications of each customer, including slitting, testing, put-up, packaging, warehousing,  shipping.



Beckmann Converting, Inc. specializes in the use of Ultrasonic and Gravure Hot Melt Adhesive bonding technologies to create multi-layer composites designed to customer specifications, using customer-sourced individual layers of textiles.

We create multi-layer composites for customers using one of two methods:

  • “full width” ultrasonic bonding technology
  • the gravure application of hot melt adhesive technology

Both of these technologies allow for controlled, localized bonding, minimizing the bonded area to a 1 – 10 % range, depending on the roll pattern design of the finished composite. This level of bonding allows us to control the properties of the layers and the benefits they bring to the finished multi-layer composite.

Furthermore, ultrasonic bonding forms links between the individual layers by melting their polymers, without changing their chemical nature and physical properties.

Beckmann Converting's mastery of these bonding technologies, as well as our ability to successfully meet all of our customers' expectations and requirements, has drawn in businesses from around the world. Our expertise and experience have allowed us to produce more than 10,000,000 linear yards per year.

Additionally, Beckmann Converting also produces and markets the Sandel line of fire barrier fabrics. The Sandel products are different constructions of woven fiberglass that has been coated with a flame retardant water-based poly-urethane formulation to meet specific needs.




At Beckmann Converting, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our unique bonding technologies, our expertise, and our resources to develop and manufacture multi-layer composites that meet our customers' requirements and specifications. It is our mission to continue growing in the market of precision and high-performance laminates by continuously expanding our capabilities and knowledge of the processes and materials used in our bonding technologies.



If you require additional information, or if you have specific questions, please send us an email to – solutions@beckmannconverting.com

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