Hot Melt Gravure Lamination


Our high-speed Hot Melt Gravure laminating line allows for a wide range of technical textile webs to be combined.  This technology allows us to laminate dissimilar materials, and end up with high performing composites. 

Because we are, in essence, "point Bonding" with adhesive, we maintain properties such as soft hand and MVTR, but still create composite packages with high-strength layer to layer bond integrity.

Hot Melt Gravure laminating is the ideal method for bonding technical textiles, including:

  • Nonwovens
  • Woven and knitted textiles
  • Films
  • Thermoplastic AND Non-Thermolastic Webs
  • Materials with different melt points

Technical Capabilities:

  • We can process materials up to 80" wide.
  • We can use a wide variety of hot melt adhesives to achieve stringent, in use, requirements.
  • We can deposit a range of add-on weights of adhesive.