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A Dedication to Perfect Bonding


Beckmann Converting, Inc. was formed by the purchase of Gem Urethane Corporation from Fab Industries in 2006.  


The Chief Executive Officer of Beckmann Converting, Inc. is Klaus Beckmann.  Klaus served as CEO and General Manager of Gem Urethane for over 30 years.  Klaus has extensive experience and expertise in the processing of non-wovens, fabrics, films, and membranes through lamination, coating, and most other secondary processes.


In a recent interview, Mr. Beckmann said “I am proud that we can now take our technology, our expertise, and our resources out on our own to satisfy our customers directly.  This is our path toward continuing our growth in the market for precision and high performance laminates of non-wovens, films, and fabrics as we expand our capabilities.”


image“My focus has been solving the customer’s problems by reliably delivering multi-layer composites that may be hard to make for most manufacturers.  We have an organization that has grown steadily to meet these challenges.  Now, we can make best use of this base to help develop new products for new and existing customers.”


The company operates out of a 100,000 sq. ft. facility at 14 Park Drive, Amsterdam, New York.  Beckmann Converting is constantly improving and expanding equipment and capabilities to be better at what we do and to offer more to our customers.

Sandel International is an operating division of Beckmann Converting that produces and markets FIRE PROOF fire barrier fabrics.  For more information, go to .

For more information, contact Peter Piusz, General Manager, Beckmann Converting, Inc., 14 Park Drive, PO Box 390, Amsterdam, NY 12010, telephone 518-842-0073, fax 518-8542-0282, .


Beckmann Converting, Inc.
14 Park Drive
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